Six Bad Things (Hank Thompson, #2) - Charlie Huston The second book in Charlie Huston's Hank Thompson series starts two years after the first book. Hank is basking on a secluded Mexican beach but the bad guys are still after him. Of course, he cannot stay hidden and decides to go back to California when he discovered his parents have been threatened. Hence another Huston novel of unrelenting action, twisted humor and quotation free dialogue (Cormac, what have you wrought!). Hank Thompson is a nice guy throw into a violent world, a last-resort killer that mourns the days when he could make better choices. He is a reluctant anti-hero who we can have empathy for even as the body count rises. It is Huston's complex protagonists that carry his action pulp thrillers and places them high above his competitors in the pulp fiction field. Watch your back, Mr. Lansdale!