The Night Of The Hunter - Davis Grubb Davis Grubb's Night of The Hunter is usually described as a classic horror-thriller. However, it is really more in the line of the dark rural tales of Flannery O'Connor and Carson McCuller. Grubb's talent is in combining the dark reality of rural America of the Great Depression with the modern suspense of a Richard Matheson. Add the fact that Grubb eschews quotation marks and you could call him a precursor to the equally dark Cormac McCarthy. Yet any discussion of this novel will always end with its villian Preacher Harry Powers. His hands tattooed HATE and LOVE has become a fixture in the American psyche and his charisma and power over people is the archetype for any psychopathic killer that appeared on stage, screen and literature after him. Night of The Hunter is an riveting read and it is almost impossible to put down once you started reading it.