The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life - Ben Sherwood AS a therapist, I deal every day with the question, "Why do people survive and others do not". Why does someone give up after the simplest obstacle yet others persevere and strive through events that would terrify the best of us?

Ben Sherwood's The Survivor's Club does a fine job in finding the answers. He goes through the research, interviews survivors, and gives practical advice and solid evidence that will help the reader maximize their potential to survive. Some readers found his "answers" vague." I did not. It's only vague if you assume there is one way to survive and there clearly is not. Sherwood is a journalist not a scientist but this only helps him relay this information in a way easy for all to understand. And he keeps it entertaining. I was quite impressed with his ability to be thorough. For instance, the conventional wisdom regarding prayer is that research has shown it to be helpful. Yet there is also research refuting that and I did not expect it to be here. Well, it is and Sherwood presents it objectively allowing all evidence to be considered. I also loved the chapter on the important of luck (hint: Luck is not something that happens to us. It is something we make happen to us.). Throughout the book are fascinating facts that may change the way you do things. For instance, I am no longer taking a seat on a plane that is more than five rows from an exit and I am seriously thinking of losing about 50 pounds before my next flight.

Overall, this book was a blast to read and gave me plenty to think about. Maybe some of them will save my life. Four and a half stars.

Once you own the book, you can go to its web site and take a survivor profile test to see which type of survivor you are and what strengths you have that will be best for your survival. I found the test very helpful. At this point you need a code from the book to take it so library readers are out of luck if the code has been used. They should fix that.