Every Last Drop - Charlie Huston Warning: Do not even try to read this unless you read the first three books of the series. Every Last Drop depends on knowing every last facet of Joe Pitts and his very complex world of Vampyre New York and its many clans. However, once you get to book four you will be hooked and ready to read another gritty and blood-soaked installment. Yes, Joe still gets beat up on a regular basis and he still does his equal share of beating up. But I can see Huston is bringing this story to a head especially with one of the most disturbing turns I've ever read in a vampire novel. I don't even mind the quotationless writing any more even in this book in which our gang of morally challenged protagonists tend to make more lectures than before. But that is a minor complaint since, Joe being Joe, there will soon be blood and lots of it. One more thing, Joe really needs to get a new girl friend.