The Executor - Jesse Kellerman A first-reads win.

The Executor is a psychological thriller, or more accurately a philosophical thriller, that kept my interest throughout its well-written pages. The author has created a fascinating protagonist who, if not necessarily likable, deserves sympathy and even a little admiration. Without giving any of the plot away, the interest in this story lies not with what he does but how he rationalizes and process his decisions.An odd but successful ploy for a suspense thriller. Those who crave action will probably not find this novel satisfying. But if you like a story with a well-developed protagonist and a novel that doesn't take the usual turns, then you will be well rewarded. I was especially thrilled by the crisp and thoughtful prose whose only flaw is in the annoying changes from from third person to second person in the climatic scenes. No, I have not read anything by his more famous parents, Faye and Jonathan Kellerman but I will be looking for Jesse Kellerman's three previous novels.