Horns - Joe Hill Joe Hill's sophomore novel Horns may not be as perfect as his first novel Heart-Shaped Box but it is Exhibit B in the contention that Hill may be the most talented horror writer of the 21st century. Ignatius Perrish wakes up with horns growing from his head. These horns carry with them a number of frightening side effects. The premise moves the novel at lightning pace for the first 50 pages. Any other author would be content to pile on the action until the wrap-up ending. But Hill is no ordinary writer, He moves the plot through flash-backs into a psychological coming-of-age tale involving the three main characters, one of them murdered a year before the first page of the book begins. Character development is the author's strong point and he does not disappoint in these hard-to-put-down book. Part horror, part psychological thriller, and part moral tale, this is one exciting read.