Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly - Anthony Bourdain I am a good cook. I know because people tell me so. When I present my balsamic leg of lamb, served with roasted garlic smashed potatoes, and a apple-onion soup, my friends all tell me I should start a restaurant. But I know better. Cooking for a hobby is fun, cooking for a living is dreadful. I know because I worked four years as a dishwasher in LA restaurants to pay my way through college when playing in bands didn't pay the rent. So I've seen enough dirty, rude cooks to last a lifetime. I know that a restaurant, or even cooking in a restuarnt, is a grimy, dirty job with none of the imagined glamor we see on the FOOD channel.

But Anthony Bourdain's experiences are so much worse than anything I've ever seen. He should know because he was in the middle of it in the New York scene. His memoir of the chef life is anything but glamorous. And Bourdain's writing style takes you right in the midst of it. Bourdain is a writer and a good one. Even if you don't care about cuisine and restaurants, he packs a literary wallop. He will also provide helpful tidbits like don't eat fish in a restaurant on Monday, don't eat chicken in the restaurant on any day, and think twice about kissing a Vegan. It is very likely you will avoid restaurants for a week or two after reading this but the authors' love affair with food is contagious. Well worth the read.