Under the Dome - Stephen King Stephen King's Under The Dome deserves five stars for simply returning to the consummate story-telling that the author perfected in The Stand and The Mist. The 1000+ page book should also be given credit for not only giving your imagination a work-out but for toning up those arm muscles. King proves he can still write epics and handle a cast of...a damn lot of people. The many plot lines gel well under the dome and the cause of the dome, while not totally explained, is adequately covered in a way that pulls all the themes together. There were a few times my credibility was stretched almost to the breaking point. In a story about an impregnable transparent dome covering an entire town, how can it not be? Yet making the implausible plausible was always King's forte. Anyone who yearns for the old-fashioned Stephen King of his 70's and 80s novels should pick up this book. Just make sure you do not damage any muscles when you do.