Savage Season (Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, #1) - Joe R. Lansdale Joe R. Lansdale's novels and short stories are very visceral reads. When Lansdale writes action, you can smell the sweat and taste the dirt. He knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Add onto that, a very sharp wit and you rarely come away from one of the author's stales disappointed.

Savage Season is the first of a series of suspense novels featuring Happ Collins and Leonard Pine; the first one I have read, but I am eager to devour the rest of the series. Happ and Leonard seems like an odd couple, a white straight man and a black gay biker, but their rapport and politically incorrect slings at each other sound as natural as it comes in real life. Stir in the rural surroundings of East Texas, Happ's unlucky love life, burn-out sixties radicals, and a fortune hunt for illegal loot. It has been a long time since I read a mystery novel that kept me so involved. Funny like Hiaasen, gritty like Spillane and uniquely Lansdale, you will wonder why the author is not a household name.