Captains Outrageous - Joe R. Lansdale After six books, Hap and Leonard are starting to wear a little thin. This doesn't mean I didn't like Captain Outrageous. I am still enthralled with the East Texan odd couple and Lansdale's visceral style continues to make me laugh and horrify me at the same time. But this time it reads a bit formulaic. I think the main problem is that Lansdale himself may be tiring a bit with this series. After this book, he took a eight years hiatus from the series only to return to write a last one (Vanilla Ride) due to the urging of his fans.

But after all this criticism, I need to say Hal and Leonard can still fight and snarl with the best of them. Hap is still an idealistic push-over and Leonard is still bailing him out with more than a hint of sarcasm and cynicism. This is still the best modern crime fiction series around.