Rumble Tumble - Joe R. Lansdale This fifth installment of the Hap and Leonard novels is as rude, crude, and funny as the others. As Lansdale explores the seamier side of America, notably East Texas with a detour to Oklahoma, his new topics include white slavery, Mexican motorcycle gangs, and midget abuse....LOTS of midget abuse. A problem tends to creep into this series. You start wondering how many more deadly situations, dark forbidding topics and unfunny subjects can the author continue to make funny. Yet, all the darkness and black humor become palatable when you realize that Lansdale's real topic is friendship and male bonding. Hap and Leonard work because they care so deeply that they cannot even think of letting the other down. Even thought they are so different their friendship remains and that what keeps these stories so interesting. And if I ever get a pet armadillo, I'm naming him Bob.