Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury While I gave Fahrenheit 451 4 stars which means I "really liked it", which I did, I also feel obligated to state that I am not overly enthused about Ray Bradbury's novels. His flowery style of writing is much more suited to short stories and Bradbury is the living master of the short story. He is also a marvelous poet and it is worth hunting down his volumes of poetry.

But Fahrenheit 451 is his best novel, partially because it is short and more so because it involves his greatest love, the power of reading. The book is mainly a moral tale about censorship and the idea of what a morbid world this would be without books. I sure this book was a work of love for Mr. Bradbury.

One more point. This is one of the most constantly banned books in American schools. Every year some idiot tries to get this book out of the schools. I heard one asshole claim that this book was sacrilegious because in one scene the Bible is burned. I wanted to yell at the screen, "Asshole! Idiot! Did you bother to read the book? Can you even read? Are you so stupid and callous you can't understand that the author was supporting the value of the Bible and all other great works? Are you that stupid, you Moron?" I didn't so I'm doing it now. Please forgive my Harlan Ellison imitation.