Lost Echoes - Joe R. Lansdale This is not one of Lansdale's best. That means two things...

1) It's not a Hap and Leonard novel.

2) It is still better than most other suspense stories.

It has all the ingredients of Lansdale's best including realistic action, an authentic East Texas atmosphere, and taut but believable dialogue. However he appears to be trying to do too much in one plot. It is one part Sixth Sense, one part Karate Kid and the rest is Lansdale. In other words, two parts of ready-made formula drowns out the uniqueness of Lansdale's suspenseful story-telling. Yet it is still an enjoyable read. Lansdale's fans will like it but if you are not familiar with this original American voice, you would be better off picking up one of his books from the Happ and Leonard series.