Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine Four and a half stars. I had to put off this review for a few days in order for the novel to steep in my mind. Lolita isn't the type of book you read and say "Gee that was really good" even though it is. You have struggle between the fact that this may be the most exquisitely written book in the English language with the realization that Humbert Humbert is a monster.The Grotesque written by the Angelic. I think a lot of reviewers become obsessed with how awful Humbert is or how revolutionary this "romance novel" is. Humbert just is. Nabokov is writing about a situation that is controversial and difficult for most people and letting us see it in his own unique way. I read a little about Nabokov and his reactions to the success of Lolita to realize that he was a bit turned off by the sociological and political reactions. I think he was attacking a difficult topic in the best way he knew how, as pure literature. And that is the best way to approach this book.