Topper (Modern Library) - 'Thorne Smith',  'Carolyn See' If I had to pick one 20th century author who has been mostly forgotten and long overdue for a revival, it would be Thorne Smith. He was a master at the satiric, both criticizing and adoring the staunch American upper class. I would say he is the closest thing to an American Oscar Wilde. In fact, when I first read this book years ago, I thought Mr. Smith was British! Those of us old enough to remember the TV series with Leo G. Carrol or the Gary Grant film may have some idea of the humor and fun in this story about a starch-collared banker and his scandalous pair of ghosts, but they pale in comparison to the novel. Considered racy for its time, in fact Smith's characters do tend to drink and fool around a lot, Smith has a light touch that is a little Victorian is style yet totally American in tone.