Dexter in the Dark  - Jeff Lindsay I can understand why Dexter fans have such an almost unanimous dislike for this 3rd book in the series. The author takes a big misstep in introducing a supernatural theme to the issue of Dexter's dark passenger. What makes Dexter so interesting is the fact that he is a "normal" psychopath. That allowed the reader to be repulsed by him and to admire him at the same time. In this sense, Dexter is a close cousin to Highsmith's Ripley. He is free to accept or question his nature without any demonic explanation. The third novel changes that and it feels totally out of sync with the first two books. There are other things that makes this one the least of the series so far. Lindsay's colorful array of characters are hardly used. I would love to see more of Doakes. He is a worthy adversary even without two hands and a tongue. At least the two children are developing in an interesting way. And finally, I miss the sharp wit which has diminished more and more since the first book.

Having said all that, I must say I did enjoy this novel. There is enough wit to give me a few dark chuckles and, once I got past the idea that this is a different novel than the two, I enjoyed it. It has good pacing and actually a more complex and involved plot. Still, I look forward to returning to the more mundane and down-to-earth Dexter that we know and love in the next book of the series.