Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands - Jorge Amado, Harriet de Onís A book with everything; sly wit, erotic passion, voodoo, a ghost, rapturous meanderings over food, even a recipe or two. What do you serve at a funeral wake? Dona Flor can tell you. Dona Flor is in love with her husband but he is a womanizer, a gambler and a drunk and manages to die of a heart attack in the first chapter. Dona Flor is devastated but her friends thinks she should be lucky to be rid of such a loser. But he did have a certain something... Dona Flor finds a new husband and he is a faithful and adoring man but maybe a little boring. Then her first husband returns. This is a story that flows with beautiful language, even in the translation.There are lots of side stories about minor characters that makes you feel you are living in this Brazilian town. One of my favorite Latin American novels.