Illustrated Harlan Ellison (Autographed Edition) (Science Fiction Anthology)

The Illustrated Harlan Ellison - Harlan Ellison This is a bit of a novelty in the Ellison bibliography. The first edition is a limited press of 3000, ALL signed and numbered by the author. Ellison once quipped that he has no idea how he managed to sign all 3000 in one sitting. There are seven stories each illustrated by a different artist. While Ellison's fiction is graphic enough without illustrations, the artists involved do a masterful job in catching the nuances of the tales. Illustrators include William Stout, the Dillons, and Steranko who does a dynamite 3D rendition of ""Repent Harlequin' Said the Ticktockman" complete with 3d glasses. I suspect the real rarity of this edition are the copies that still have the 3D glasses attached. But the big surprise is a non-science fiction/non-supernatural tale called "Riding the Dark Train Out" with stunning illustrations by Ralph Reese. This is one of those books for the Ellison collector who has everything. Not essential on its own but great eye candy with good stories.