Sunruined - Andersen Prunty I was pretty impressed by Prunty's short story collection, The Overwhelming Urge. However Sunruined and its seven pieces of fiction makes the previous collection look like a sunny walk in the park. All seven stories are horror tales of the most harrowing kind. They bring out the best in Andersen Prunty and his best may be way too strong for the casual reader. "The Jackthief" is my favorite. It was originally featured in the novel The Sorrow King but it stands beautifully on its own. I also liked "The Screaming Orchard" which gives us a taste of what Algernon Blackwood may have been like if he was a bizarro author. This is my new pick for those who have not read Prunty and want to. But read a story a day. All seven in one sitting may be harmful to your psyche.