Trapped - Jack Kilborn, J.A. Konrath Far be it for me to tell an author what to write but I feel an obligation to point out three facts of nature...

1) When confronted with attacking cannibals and screaming people, babies tend to cry not sleep or "gurgle happily".

2) No matter how stupid he is, a social worker would never take a gun on a camping trip, especially when his teenage wards include one ADHD kid, a sociopath and two rival gang members.

3) People taste like pork, not chicken.

That last bit of info is not personal experience. But I have read accounts with persons who lived with cannibals and the research is clear. Pork, not chicken.

Despite the author's violation of these laws of nature...Actually, number two was rectified but I won't say how ...this is the best cannibal novel I've read since Off Season. It definitely belongs in the category of "Ewww! Gross! (giggle)" horror. Kilborn places two social workers and six not-so-innocent teenagers on a island that makes Dr. Moreau's Island look like Gilligan's Island. This book may be pure pulp entertainment but it is perfect for the type of escape reading that the real horror fan crave.

But please remember. Pork, not chicken.