Sandman - Morgan Hannah MacDonald Sandman is described by the author as a romantic thriller. There is a nice romance brewing in this debut novel even if the protagonists do not connect until the second half of the book. The heroine has been hurt often, has no luck in the romance department, and is unwittingly looking for Mr, Right. The novel is also a thriller of the serial killer variety complete with troubled detective seeking redemption. Yet my complaint with this book is that I can sum up the characters and plot so easily. It is simply too formulaic for my taste. Add on a lot of unrealistic reactions by hero and heroine and you have a novel that disappointed me despite its promising set-up. One plus side is MacDonald's depiction of her villain. He is sufficiently creepy and I had a nice time trying to figure out who it was. But this was also frustrating since, if our detective was using standard interrogation techniques instead of starring at her breasts, he would have solved the case ten minutes after meeting Meagan. I'm afraid I will have to give this a solid two stars and place it in the "nice attempt but no cigar" category.