Cripple Wolf

Cripple Wolf - Jeff Burk A while back, I referred to Jeff Burk as the clown prince of Bizarro and there is nothing in this very Bizarro collection of short fiction that would lead me to jerk away that title from him. These are stories that are hilarious and outrageous in the most Bizarro way.

Now for a blow-by-blow-description.

Cripple Wolf: The title tale; the best and longest in the book. Add on an infant werewolf, fetish laden airplane attendants, spiff smoking pilots, and suicide bombers and you have the Citizen Kane of werewolf-on-a-plane stories. I love the author's answer on how to make a werewolf on a plane story more than two pages long. Make it a very big plane and put the werewolf in a wheelchair.

Frosty and The Full Monty: I always wondered what really happened to Frosty. I can never hear that song in the same way again.

Cook for Your Life: A cross between Iron Chef and The Hunger Games; My second favorite story in the book even if the author can't resist throwing in some plugs for his other books. Which reminds me. When are we getting Shatnerpocalpyse?

House of Cats: As my cat Fanci would say, "He doesn't like cats." Nonetheless it is an disturbing but impressive story that reminds me of Otsuichi's "The White House in the Cold Forest"...but with cats.

Adrift With Space Badgers: I don't read much science fiction anymore but I'll hazard a guess that this is Hugo material. A take on badger evolution that, as the author writes, "Darwin never saw these little bitches coming."

Punk Rock Nursing Home: Answers the question; what happens to punk rockers when they get old? Kind of sweet in a punk way. But "Killing Kittens for Fun and Profit"? You really don't like cats, do you?

Last one is Just Another Day in the Park: Short but interesting. Not my favorite but still good.

So this is a very good collection. It would be a good starting point for the Bizarro beginner. But Jeff..quit picking on cats, will ya?