Midnight Cowboy - James Leo Herlihy Great moments in feline cinema #2:

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Sure, everyone knows the movie. But I didn't even know it was originally a novel until quite recently. That is unfortunate because the novel is a brilliant portrayal of down-and-outers. Herlihy's tale of dreams and struggles in unforgiving New York is as relentless as it can be but there is a certain poetry in the characters of Buck and Ratso. The biggest difference in book from film is that we find a out a lot more about Buck; his upbringing, his torments, and why the likable but not-so-bright kid is so easily manipulated and trusting. He doesn't even make it to New York until the second third of the novel and Ratso doesn't appear until close to the middle of the book.. Buck and Ratso are certainly one of the oddest and most interesting couples in either novel or film. I highly recommend this book whether you seen the film or not.