Killing Hour

Killing Hour - Andrew Gross Andrew Gross is quickly becoming my favorite mainstream thriller writer. His Ty Hauck series are tight suspense mysteries set in a Wall Street setting, making them a little out of the ordinary for this genre.

Yet Killing Hour is different. This time, Gross sets up a more intimate setting with no economic under-currents. It is his most personal work to date as you find out from his afterword. A deeply troubled young man kill himself and his uncle, a successful doctor, comes to California to support his mentally ill and less successful brother. Of course, there is more to the "suicide" than meets the eye.

The author builds up the suspense as he hooks us into this troubled family. Along the way, we meet a cult from the past that is uncomfortably close to The Manson Family. I've would have liked a little more originality in this area but the author makes it work. As in often the case, skeletons come out of the closet, deep secrets are revealed, and our doctor hero and a reluctant Santa Barbara detective are up to their chin in trouble. All this is common for the mainstream thriller but Gross works it especially well. This is a entertaining read and recommended for the suspense novel fan.