Urban Gothic

Urban Gothic - Brian Keene This flashback to the splatter-punk days of horror novesl is a difficult book to compare to other horror novels. Why? Because all I can think of to compare it to are movies. Indeed it feels like Roger Corman was looking over the author's shoulder and saying "Here some money. Come back in 15 days and give me a script". Urban Gothic ends up being a bloody mixture of movie ideas: The People Under The Stairs meets The Hills Have Eyes meet every other mutant cannibal novel.

Not that this isn't any fun. It's a riot. Spoiled teens trapped in ghetto haunted house with cannibal mutants. There are some nice social messages at the beginning. But pretty soon they get lost in an orgy of blood and gore. This one is for the hard-care horror fan who think victims slipping on their own intestines is funny. Personally I'll stick with Keene's end-of-the-world novels and chalk this one up as an amusing detour for the author.