Morlock Night - K.W. Jeter The idea of a sequel to H. G. Wells' Time Machine is irresistible. Morlocks stealing the time machine and invading England of the 1890s? Fascinating. If only someone other than K. W. Jeter wrote this. Someone who actually had respect for the classic science fiction story. Instead we get a jumble in which the original plot of the Time Machine is jettisoned for a mishmash concerning King Arthur, Merlin and the lost city of Atlantis. Even then this could have been salvageable if not for Jeter's poor ability to write. Or is it his poor ability to imitate H. G. Wells' own marvelous style? Probably just a poor writer doing a poor imitation. There is not much to like here. I find it amazing that readers have called this a milestone in Steampunk. It does not bode well for the genre.