Evilution - Shaun Jeffrey I believe this was the author's debut novel. It feels like one and not necessarily in a good way. I have previously read Jeffrey's novel, The Kult and while I liked it, I was concerned over the barely believable plot and the need to suspend disbelief way too often. Evilution has the same problem only more so. We are asked to believe that a supposedly smart woman would believe she won a free house, not remembering if she ever entered a contest, and then get on a helicopter with a mysterious man to see her prize. I bet she's replying to those Nigerian bank account e-mails too. We are also asked to believe that a village in England can be totally cut off from society by a eerie fog for two years and no one even bothers to call the press. This is only the tip of the iceberg in this cavalcade of unrealistic events. I really wanted to like this but by the umpteenth time I screamed, "Don't do that, you dimwit!" to the heroine who should have figured it all out by now, I realized this just wasn't going to be a novel I could take home to mother. So I kissed my Kindle and said goodbye to Evilution while making a note not to call this novel back for a second date.