The Dark Country

The Dark Country - Dennis Etchison Etchison should be better known. He wrote some of the most harrowing horror tales of the 70s and 80s and I hear he is still going strong. He is sort of the god-father to splatter-punk and even if his story are sometimes psychologically introverted, he excels at the brutal ending. There is rarely any supernatural themes in his fiction but he is one of the best at psychological horror. His stories can be as straight forward as a sledgehammer yet still maintain the subtlety of a traitor's kiss.

The Dark Country was his first collection of short fiction and, for my money, still his best. The 16 stories are little rude awakenings custom made to keep you looking over your shoulder. My favorite is They Only Come Out at Night an unsettling tribute to those spooky roadside rests in the California desert. But all of the tales have that certain something that horror fans crave. Highly recommended