Out There Bad

Out There Bad - Josh Stallings Josh Stallings' Moses McGuire series is fast becoming my favorite series featuring people I never want to meet. Moses is one big bad ass who is not only good at killing anyone in his way but may be doing everything he can to kill himself in the meantime. Fortunately for the reader he has a soft spot for damsel strippers in distress. Unfortunately for him nothing is easy.

This second book is the equal of the first novel, Beautiful, Naked & Dead which is high praise indeed. Not only does it include the first novel's array of colorful and deadly characters, it adds a tarot card dealing killer the equal of Moses in deadliness and pathos. The author takes a few more risks in this tale by featuring multiple narratives and it works beautifully. It is rewarding to watch a new author improving his craft especially when his first two books are already in the upper brackets of the crime thriller genre. I must admit I'm enjoying his use of settings that I am familiar with, all the way from L.A. to Ensenada. Yet you do not need to know the terrain in order to get totally caught up in Stalling's hellish interpretation on the crime underground and life on the dark side. Highly recommended to anyone who love rough crime novels and is not squeamish about graphic violence.