Endurance: A Novel of Terror

Endurance: A Novel of Terror - Jack Kilborn,  J.A. Konrath Jack Kilborn is a pen name for J. A. Konrath. He tends to use this name for his more gruesome horror novels. J. A. Konrath is a talented storyteller who will enthrall you with exciting stories for the evening. Jack Kilborn will charm you just enough to be invited in then will stab you in the back and chew on your bones... while you're still alive.

Did I call Kilborn's novels gruesome? Let me rephrase. This is SICK SHIT! Lord knows I have a high tolerance for the grotesque but this tested my boundaries. Think Texas Chainsaw Massacre times ten. My least favorite horror theme is the one having to do with "mutant weird psycho family terrorizes and tortures innocent women" and that is exactly what you get here...multiplied by ten again. At least Konrath does it well. He piles surprise upon surprise and throws in lots of dark humor. Despite my reservations for the plot, I read it in one sitting, staying up late in the night waiting to see what became of our unlucky innocents. Don't get me wrong. I actually liked this. It is a well written tale of terror. Kilborn may be a pulp writer but he kicks pulp writer ass. Nonetheless, after I finished this novel, I felt I needed a bath.