The Red Church (Sheriff Frank Littlefield, #1)

The Red Church (Sheriff Frank Littlefield, #1) - Scott Nicholson Nicholson's the Red Church starts promisingly but loses the way in a haze of characters and religious meanderings. I'm not exactly sure what and where it went wrong. Perhaps the authors asks us to suspend disbelief one time too often. There is a lot of good things about this novel. The two children have a Bradbury-like wonder about them and the author excels in descriptive writing. However the plot became somewhat automated as each character changes when the plot dictates it. Except for perhaps Ronnie Day, David Day and the sheriff, none of the other characters seem to have the free will that is crucial to the theme of the story.. Overall I enjoyed it, hence the three stars, yet there was something missing. There are some excellent afterwords by the author in the Kindle edition that helps to explain some of my misgivings. In it, the author asks the reader to try another of his novels even if the reader doesn't like this one. I think I'll take his advice.