DRACULAS - Blake Crouch,  Jack Kilborn,  Jeff Strand,  F. Paul Wilson Someone should send this book to Guillermo de Toro so he can learn how to write a vampire novel.

OK. Snide comment aside, DRACULAS is a can't-put-down, edge-of-your-seat, stomach turning gorefest featuring vampires ransacking a hospital. These are not your normal vamps and none of them sparkle. In fact, they are more like zombies; totally out of control with their appetites and, while needing blood, have no trouble taking bites of flesh or ripping intestines to get to the blood. This may be the bloodiest novel I've ever read but it's Return of the Living Dead or Evil Dead II kind of bloody funny. In other words, these vampires will kick Edward Cullen's ass and have that same ass for dinner.

The writing? Well, we have four authors on one novel so you would think it would be a bit chaotic but it is not. They did a fabulous job editing everything together and the action is seamless. You actually find yourself caring for some of the characters. I especially liked the Dirty Harry quoting Clay and the rather hapless chainsaw toting Randall. The novel reads very much like a movie. Normally that would be a weakness but it works well here.

There are a lot of extra features on the Kindle version. So many that J.A.Konrath aka Jack Kilborn likens it to the features on a DVD. There is an interview and a "Making" of" which is helpful as you can discover which character was written by which author. There are also a few short stories and excerpts of novels from the four authors. But the main feature on this "DVD" is the novel and it is highly recommended to all die-hard horror aficionado.