Jack and Mr. Grin

Jack and Mr. Grin - Andersen Prunty This book is strange. The plot is strange. The author clearly must be strange. Normal people don't write things like this. And I must be strange cause I loved this novel.

This bizarre but delightful horror novel has a "down the rabbit hole" sense of wonder. The main character sounds fairly average in every way but his job (packing dirt?) and his biggest problem is how to propose to his girl friend. He then get a call from someone who has his girl and sounds like he has a perpetual grin (shades of the Cheshire Cat?). Our hero has 24 hours to find her (You're late. You're Late" says the white rabbit)...

Am I overdoing the Alice in Wonderland comparisons? Probably, but this does feel to me like An Alice in Wonderland for the perverse. Lewis Carroll meets David Lynch in a collaboration of Slaughter of The Lambs. Bizarro novels delight in being weird but the best Bizarro novels always have one foot in reality and do not go overboard just for the sake of weirdness. Using that criteria, this may be the best Bizarro novel I've yet to read and certainly one of the strangest horror novels I've read. I'm making room for more Andersen Prunty novels.