The Demon's Wife - Rick Hautala I was hoping for the best, partly because this is a posthumous novel. Yet I found it rather tedious. I wasn't really sure who this book was geared for. It is not in the least bit horrific and only slightly humorous. I thought there may be some YA aspects to it, but the scene depicting how a demon uses his tail nixed that idea. Fantasy or urban supernatural? Getting close. Actually it reads more like a parody of romance novels. Yet there are two problems for me with that aspect; 1) I never read romances and 2) A parody of a romance is a bit redundant since today's romances have developed into a parody of themselves. It is best just to say that this novel was not my cup of brimstone.

Note: I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I hate giving these giveaway books a bad review since I always appreciate the gesture. But what is a honest book reviewer gonna do? Sigh.