Gather, Darkness! - Fritz Leiber Fritz Leiber was so good at so many genres. He wrote two of my favorite horror novels, Conjure Wife and Our Lady Of Darkness. The sword and sorcery fans revere him for his Fahred and the Grey Mauser series. He even wrote some endearing philosophical inquiries in his late life such as The Mystery of the Japanese Clock. Gather Darkness is in the realm of science fiction and, while many state that it is his greatest novel, I find it a bit weak. In fact, Gather Darkness reads much like a fantasy since the main idea is that the earth has descended into a post-apocalyptic period in which scientists use technology disquised as the supernatural and enslave the people in a religious hoax. Witches, wayward priests, and satanic familiars all make a visit to these pages and are all explained in natural terms; a la science fiction. It is all quite enjoyable and there is some of Leiber's best prose in this work. But I guess I like my fantasies, and science fiction, a bit more straight-laced. Nonetheless, three and a half stars for a story that kept my interest to the last page.