Night of the Ripper - Robert Bloch Bloch was obsessed with Jack the Ripper. His short story, "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" is considered one of his best short stories and you trekkies might remember his screenplay for Star Trek in which he makes an interstellar traveling alien out of the Ripper. This novel titled Night of the Ripper gives Bloch a chance to expand his ideas about Jack in a more down to earth aspect. He adds a number of historical figures in the mix like John Merrick aka The Elephant Man as he create his own theory to Jack's identity. Yet Bloch also appears to be ruminating on the excessive creativity humankind can exhibit when they commit atrocities upon others. Each chapter starts with a blurb describing some historical incident of cruelty. This is one of Bloch's best novels this side of Psycho. Four and a half stars.