Wolf Hunt - Jeff Strand It is obvious from the title and cover, that Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand is a werewolf novel. What I didn't expect was the equivalent of a buddy movie. George Orton and Lou Flynn are long-time partners in thumb-breaking and other dirty deeds for organized criminal types. They are polite thugs and very loyal to each other. Their bond is in no way frivolous and is tested severely in this non-stop action story. They are given the task of transport a werewolf to some kind of mob boss. Of course they do not believe the skinny smart-ass in the cage is a werewolf and since there is no full moon, that he is dangerous. They are wrong.

So that's the set-up which the author plays to the hilt. I thoroughly enjoyed this as a light horror read and really liked the pair of George and Lou. I saw them as the equivalent of Dale and Tucker from the film Dale and Tucker vs. Evil although not as red-neck and not as sweet...but just as likable. To do that, the author had to revert to the silliness in characterization that prevails in stories about hero thugs. George and Lou have no problem breaking thumbs but will not take jobs that involve women or children nor will they murder anyone. Yeah, right. This is more unbelievable than the existence of werewolves. But if you can get through that leap of faith, you will find Wolf Hunt to be one of the better werewolf tales out there. Three and a half stars.