The Sorrow King - Andersen Prunty This may be the most conventional work I've read by Andersen Prunty. It can be said to have more Stephen King than Bizarro. Yet that may be a misleading statement for Prunty is never conventional. There is nothing basically weird or surreal about the town of Gethsemane, Ohio, which in itself makes it an atypical setting for the author. It appears to be a normal mid-western town. But it is in this setting that the author weaves a story of death, regrets, and sorrow. Like most horror tales, there is a monster and it is one of the most original monsters I have read about in a long time. I am starting to think that no writer can deal with death and depression better than Andersen Prunty. Yet as depressing as his stories can be, he manages to seed them with a bit of hope and The Sorrow King is no exception. Prunty continues his winning streak with The Sorrow King, which may also be his most accessible work for the reader used to mainstream fiction.