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We did our own cooking when renting a house on Mexico's Soliman Bay. At the produce stand, there was several varieties of grains and nuts. One of the grains looked familiar, close to brown rice, and the vegetarian among us approved the choice.We cooked it over an hour, but it still tasted oaky, so we cooked it longerand added seasoning. The property manager and the caretaker stopped in as we were about to eat. They were in awe of our ignorance. We just cooked a bag of birdseed.

OK. That's kind of cute. But 200 of these in one book?

I have been a subscriber to the magazine Frommer's Budget Travel for years and highly recommend it to both real and armchair travelers. One of the most popular features is the "true stories" section where travelers tell about their funniest experiences. A half dozen in a month is enjoyable but when they are comprised into a 200 page book, it gets a little tedious. This is a book mainly for browsing. A lot of the stories are funny, some not so much and a very few were simply insensitive.

I probably should offer two caveats:

1) I received this book free as a Kindle download. At the time of this review it is still free. It's worth free.

2) I've sent a few of my own anecdotes to Budget Travel and they've yet to publish one. I guess they don't know true talent when they see it. (just kidding, I think)

I think one of the problems with this type of book is that many of the stories, and probably my own, are "You had to be there" kind of funny. Like the time the Moscow custom officers picked up on the x-ray a large Russian cowbell in my wife's carryall and she blurted out, "That's not a bomb." Like I said. You had to be there.

Update: It's no longer free.