The Savior Rises - Christopher C. Payne I have read all three of Christopher C. Payne's novels. They range from fair to excellent and each one is totally different from the others. Part I of The Gargoyle Prophecies fit in the middle with a rating of good to very good. It is a fantasy tale but of a very unusual quality. In fact, I was not always sure if this was a fantasy novel. At first, mainly due to the cover art, I thought it might be YA but the extensive gore and violence placed that out of my mind quickly. Without giving any spoilers, the basic goal of the reader is to determine whether we are in an alternative world involving clans of gargoyles or are we in the mind of a very troubled girl. It is not really clear, which is one of the author's strength in keeping us guessing, even at the end. Yet the author has created a different and imaginative take on the gargoyle mythology. Over all, I found it entertaining and it kept me on my toes as I tried to figure out the little twists and turns. I felt the ambiguity of the story was successful to a certain point and there are some nice surprises and action sequences but if the author chooses to write a part II the reader will need to be grounded at where this saga is going; fantasy or psychological novel?

P.S. Originally rated this at three and a half star but I kept thinking about it. Deserves more like four stars due to its originality so I changed it.