Morning Is Dead - Andersen Prunty Andersen Prunty doesn't believe in foreplay. He gets right into the grittiness and the weirdness of his story then leaves you to sort out the meaning as you helplessly read along. In Morning is Dead protagonist Alvin Blue is both in a coma and is battling through a world in which his house is being prepared for detonation, the police are no more than drug and sex addled thugs, and radiated monsters called rades roam the eternal night. Saying anything else about the plot of this 142 page novel would not be a good idea. Let's just quote one of the characters and state that Mr. Blue is in "the blackest fucking rabbit hole you could possibly fall down". If you want a different kind of horror tale that never lets you go for days after you read it than Morning Is Dead will fit the bill. Another excellent novel from one of the most promising new writers in the Bizarro genre and possibly in any genre.