Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People behind Everyday Words - John Bemelmans Marciano A light-hearted fun-to-read book on the eponymous; words that are derived from a person's name. John Marciano has a witty and opinionated way of writing that works well. This rather thin book doesn't try to have every word imaginable. But the entries on words like "diesel", "galvanize", and "bowdlerize" are all charming and informative. It seems to be well researched even though Ive heard so many stories about Thomas Crapper and Fighting Joe Hooker and the origin of the words that "honor" the men that I can't vouch that Marciano's take is the definitive one. I especially like the entries for words that I had no idea they came from a person, such as "hooligan" or "dunce". There is even a short chapter on those eponymous that didn't pass the test of time like "milquetoast" (a weakling), "Pull a brody" (commit suicide) and "bogart" ("Don't bogart that joint, my friend"). I wish the book was longer but, as it stands, it is an entertaining book that is perfect either for browsing or reading from cover to cover.