Grundish and Askew - Lance Carbuncle Grundish and Askew is Of Mice and Men on steroids and meth. It is Thelma and Louise except with two loser guys and no socially redeeming message. It is Lance Carbuncle's second novel and it continues his pathological love for the bizarre, the scatological and general bad taste made ecstatically entertaining. I'm pretty sure there is not a social taboo left untouched in this madhouse of a story. If he was not so damn good as a writer I would probably be calling the police for a psychological assessment. Of course, since I enjoyed reading this novel as much as he enjoyed writing it, we would undoubtedly share the same padded room. Those who read his first tome, Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed, will instantly recognize his unique style including those incredibly informative footnotes. (Did you know the State of Washington did not make bestiality illegal until 2006? Have you ever pondered about the mating habits of The Great Gray Slug?). Idjit Galoot also makes a cameo which will make SSSSCCS fans giddy. The rest you will have to read for yourself and if you haven't figured out that this book is unfit for the easily offended or squeamish, then you didn't read my review.

I did have a few criticisms but after reading Carbuncle's fantasy regarding critics of his past book, I think I'll keep them to myself and just say, "Go, Lance, Go!"