Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch appears to be categorized as both a mystery and a horror novel. The basic premise is about three boys who see a man taking pictures of them with a camera. Since there is a missing child in the neighborhood, they wonder if this man may have something to do with it. They start a club to solve the mystery and everything springs from that idea. It certainly isn't horror. While there is a minimal amount of suspense, there is nothing the least bit horrific in its pages. As a mystery, it doesn't quite work because the solution is broadcasted in the first few pages and everything afterwards is anti-climatic. I did keep waiting for some genuine scares or at least a foreboding feeling but the plot simply moved too slow to allow anything of the sort. The end picked up some but by that time it was simply too predictable. I did appreciate the author's attempt to depict an calm and idealistic community being shaken out of its slumber. But I also wished I cared a bit more about the three boys as I suspect the connection you make with these kids will affect your enjoyment of the novel. It wasn't a bad book, just not that memorable.