Dead Five's Pass

This is the second book I've read from Darkfuse's novella series. They continue to be of good quality and pretty straight-ahead horror. Dead Five's Pass by Colin F. Barnes is a great read for the Lovecraft crowd. It is a nice addition to the Cthulhu Mythology and does a good job of combining modern horror and Lovecraftian elements. The ancient ones are stilling reeking havoc, this time in a mountain resort area and it is up to two mountain rescue professionals with a bit of history between them to try to save the world. The author is quite excellent at describing the horror of the ancient ones complete with madness and tentacles. While Barnes certainly has a good grip on this horror sub-genre, the novella also has a firm action-adventure feel as our heroes race against time. The only thing that bothered me was in the relationship between our protagonists. It seems a little too soap operatic for my taste and took away some of the dread. Yet I think most readers will not necessarily agree with me. I still see it as a firm three and a half star read and would like to read more