Stalking You Now


Jeff Strand writes killer dialogue...pun intended. No, seriously. Strand is a great storyteller but his talent at writing tight, and in this case funny, dialogue slays me..also intended. Stalking You Now is not only a great example of his execution (cough!) of dialogue but also his ability to knock off (gag!) a frightfully funny suspense tale that doesn't leave the reader hanging (cough, cough) at the end. At 50 plus pages, it is either a long short story or a short novella, But either way it is just the right length to give you an hours worth of dark comedic entertainment. By the time it is terminated (cough!) and finished off (zap!) you will agree that it was not time wasted (ka-ching!).

Good. I got that out of my system.

So what is Stalking You Now about? Therein lies the problem. In 50  plus pages, a lot happens and there is one great little twist not too far into the story. So saying too much will ruin the ride. It is a story of revenge although whose doing the revenge and why may leave you pleasantly disoriented. The story begins as our revenge minded protagonist is stalking his victim. The author gets into the story running and doesn't let up. It's that dialog thing happening. There is also a another little twist involving a third character. Let's just say tables are turned often.

I've always enjoyed Strand's ability to find the humor is the darkest situations and this story is no exception. Good dark humor elicits laughs of the type that may make you feel guilty but...hell! It is only a story. So get this story and enjoy a few evil laughs at characters who may (or may not) end up deserving it.