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May 2014
reviewed: Creating Jazz Counterpoint: New Orleans, Barbershop Harmony, and the Blues
You would think the origins of jazz is a cut and dry case. After all it was just 100 years ago. Things were pretty modern rel...
May 2014
reviewed: Suffer the Children
Suffer the Children by Graig DeLouie is an interesting combination of apocalyptic epidemic tale and a vampire novel. But it m...
May 2014
reviewed: The Chapman Books
The Chapman Books has an intriguing premise. A group of photographs, newspaper clippings and manuscripts are found in a house...
May 2014
reviewed: The Rising Trilogy
The Rising Trilogy (The Rising, City of the Dead, and The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World) By Brian Keene ...
May 2014
reviewed: Lost in Cat Brain Land
I have read two novels by Cameron Pierce before this short fiction collection titled Lost in Cat Brain Land. Cameron Pierce's...
May 2014
reviewed: Blood Kin
Blood Kin by Steve Rasnic Tem has a nice Appalachian authenticity in style, atmosphere and dialog. The dialog sings and descr...
April 2014
reviewed: Shining Star: Braving the Elements of Earth, Wind & Fire
Earth, Wind & Fire has always been one of my favorite 70s groups. They had a distinct R&B sound that blended with a 60s quali...
April 2014
reviewed: Cold in July
Note: I first wrote this review in 2009 when I first started reviewing books at Goodreads. It was a brief review simply for t...
April 2014
reviewed: Close Reach
Close Reach by Jonathan Moore is what might be called a mini-surprise. It's a brief 200 pages that start out as a chase thril...
April 2014
reviewed: The Evolution of Mann: Herbie Mann and the Flute in Jazz
Herbie Mann is unarguably the most famous jazz flautist of all time. He is also said to be the first jazz musician to special...
April 2014
reviewed: Ancient Enemy
Ancient Enemy uses a historical mystery that have always fascinated me: The disappearance of the Anasazi Indians in the Ameri...
April 2014
reviewed: The Furies
The Furies first starts out like it may be supernatural but quickly corrects the reader's assumption and reveals itself to be...
April 2014
reviewed: Lovecraft's Monsters
Collections of short fiction based on the Cthulhu Mythos never get old but they can be predictable. Editor Ellen Datlow attem...
April 2014
reviewed: In the Course of Human Events
In The Course of Human Events is more of a character study than a novel that follows a steady plot. Not that it doesn'...
April 2014
reviewed: Muerte Con Carne
If I'm going to review Muerte con Carne by horror writer Shane McKenzie, I'm going to have to start by offering some major di...